Stephen is truly a one-of-a-kind sound mixer, both supremely talented and a ton of fun to work with. With talent often comes ego, but Stephen beats that, instead being a rare of mix of professionalism and humbleness. His sense of humor makes every day on set seem easier and more fun. His expertise in sound literally makes days shorter by thinking up new and inventive ways to solve the inevitable problems that arise in filmmaking. Hire him!
— Ted Sim-Aputure

When I need help with production sound, my first call is to Stephen. This is because he brings a positive and professional attitude to set and is a true team player. When it comes to capturing clean, high-quality sound, Stephen is an expert. He knows the right solution for any given situation to get the best result. I am lucky to call him a trusted collaborator and highly recommend him as such to others.
— Zach Marion-Director, Zemma Productions

He’s alert to every situation, able to maneuver quickly to accommodate challenging set-ups and situations. We functioned as a run-and-gun skeleton documentary crew and he handled the work of three people at once. Beyond his technical proficiency, he brings with him an awesome demeanor. He’s easy going, warm-hearted, and funny to boot! Stephen knows when to assert himself to better your production, but he’s always mellow, never impacted by high-stress environments.”
— David Ferino, Director-Vice

Mr. Harrod is a very well prepared, selfless PSM who collaborates with the other departments to make sure he’s invisible while filming. He’s always focused and works well with other people that are as focused as him. And actors love working with him.
— Andrew Boley,Editor-Naked And Afraid, Fit to Fat

Stephen is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. He was always to first to ask out to do sound . He is someone that I am excited to have on set with me and confident that i will get the best result possible from him. Professional, hard working, and always willing to help out a good friend or contact.
— Seth Oberle, Owner-Light Modifiers LLC

I have worked with Stephen in various capacities over the past two years. Wether I am producer of the project, post supervisor, editor, or all of the above, my experiences with him have all been positive. He is talented, consistent, and I will definitely continue to use his expertise in the future.
— Nick Barks,Editor-Scorpions